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Lawn Care Prudhoe Bay AKlawn care service Prudhoe Bay, AK

No job is too big or small. If you need lawn care, contact the professionals that have over 10 years of experience making customers happy in Prudhoe Bay Alaska. Always providing top-notch care at low affordable prices, contact Smile Landscaping for all of your lawn care needs in Prudhoe Bay Alaska.


Professional Lawn Care Service Prudhoe Bay AK

Professional lawn care means more than lawn mowing for the purpose of making your backyard look better. Understanding your lawn and how to create a healthy eco-system of the green turf that we all enjoy to see, takes experience and the precision of well-implemented lawn care services. With good maintenance and care, you can have a landscape that will grow and work with you and its environment, and not against it. Your family will feel more connected to nature, in a way that they never have before when they get to experience your new lawn.


Our Prudhoe Bay Alaska Lawn Care Service:

Fertilization – Our granular fertilization process uses a product which contains a time-release mechanism that offers better fertilization than most liquid products offered today. We use a combination of slow release, and fast release fertilizers to create the perfect mix necessary for proper growth in Prudhoe Bay Alaska climate.

Sod – For creating a completely new lawn, we offer new sod installations. Experience in installing the right type of sod is very important, and necessary to avoid a loss in time and money from poor installations. Our experts have years of experience installing sod in Prudhoe Bay Alaska conditions, and can offer the best solution for recreating a new lawn.

Aeration – For water, fertilizer, and air to successfully reach the roots of your grass, core aeration is necessary. Our experts identify the condition of the lawn and grass to perform an aeration process consistent with your lawns requirements.

Irrigation – A well-functioning irrigation system is vital to the health and well-being of your green life. To get optimal performance out of your watering system, a NO-CHARGE complete inspection of your lawn is done to figure out how to provide your grass the best irrigation possible. Our sprinkler repair techs are always available in Prudhoe Bay Alaska to assist in making sure your sprinklers are working correctly.

Over Seeding – To avoid seeing spots of under-developed grass on your lawn, we perform overseeding in areas that will help create an even layer of turf throughout the lawn. You will see healthy green lush that grows evenly and consistent from all edges.

Mowing, Edging, Blowing – To give your lawn the expert finishing touch that will make it stand out from the rest, our team will perform our signature mowing, edging, and blowing service that will undoubtedly give it a professional look that will be hard beat. We take pride in making sure your lawn has the aesthetic appeal that no other lawn in your Prudhoe Bay Alaska neighborhood has.

lawn care Prudhoe Bay, AK

Lawn Care Prudhoe Bay Alaska

No job is too big or small. If you need lawn care in Prudhoe Bay Alaska, contact the professionals that have over 10 years of experience making customers happy. Always providing top-notch care at low affordable prices, contact Smile Landscaping in Prudhoe Bay AK for all of your lawn care needs.

Lawn Care AK
lawn maintenance Prudhoe Bay, AK

Lawn Maintenance Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Our popular Prudhoe Bay Alaska maintenance program is designed to give you a simple and convenient way to get a beautiful lawn full of the healthy green turf we all enjoy to see. See the difference in professional lawn care, and get the added benefit of saving time and money.

Lawn Maintenance AK
spring lawn care Prudhoe Bay, AK

Spring Lawn Care Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Early spring lawn care is vital in Prudhoe Bay Alaska to a healthy and vibrant lawn full of the green foliage that we all want to see, and enjoy. Most of us are excited, and eager to get some yard work done during the early spring, and that’s good. Professional spring lawn care can give you the added benefit of experience, and the correct timing of service, insuring your lawn looks superior to any other lawn, at a low affordable price.

Spring Lawn Care AK
fall lawn care Prudhoe Bay, AK

Fall Lawn Care Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Smile Landscaping in Prudhoe Bay Alaska offers a superior way to ensure your turf, and plant life remain nourished, and healthy over the course of the fall. Our fall lawn care service is designed to repair the damage sustained through the summer, and preserve the strength of your green environment so it will grow well and vibrant the following year.

Fall Lawn Care AK
organic lawn care Prudhoe Bay, AK

Organic Lawn Care Prudhoe Bay Alaska

More and more homeowners in Prudhoe Bay Alaska are switching to organic lawns, and there’s a good reason why. In addition to having an eco-friendly and responsible lawn, it’s a comforting feeling to see your children roll around in grass all day without the worry of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other chemical product harming their body.

Organic Lawn Care AK
front yard landscaping Prudhoe Bay, AK

Front Yard Landscaping Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Smile brings simplicity to the project by offering straight-forward steps, and options to achieving your desired Prudhoe Bay Alaska landscape, beginning with our FREE landscape consultation and assessment. Let us offer you a stress free plan, combined with top-notch service, at an unbeatable price, and see why we’ve managed to have over 10 years of happy customers.

Front Yard Landscaping AK
backyard landscaping Prudhoe Bay, AK

Backyard Landscaping Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Landscapes designed and built uniquely for you. Utilizing years of experience in Prudhoe Bay Alaska putting together the right combinations of accents, and features to work perfectly with an outdoor environment, Smile will help you create your anticipated landscape that’s both aesthetically pleasing, and functional; something you and your family will enjoy many years to come.

Backyard Landscaping AK
landscape maintenance Prudhoe Bay, AK

Landscape Maintenance Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Protect your investment, and choose a landscape maintenance plan specifically tailored to treat all of the elements in your outdoor living space. Smile offers a Free Comprehensive Assessment by one of our certified Prudhoe Bay Alaska landscape experts to put together a maintenance plan only containing what you need. Enjoy a beautiful landscape year-round and save money at the same time by choosing us to maintain your landscape.

Landscape Maintenance AK
commercial landscaping Prudhoe Bay, AK

Commercial Landscaping Prudhoe Bay Alaska

Offering a complete landscaping service designed for every type of commercial establishment in Prudhoe Bay Alaska. From corporations, to hotels, colleges, government buildings, and parks, our happy customers have ranged from every business type. We’re ready to successfully restore, or install your new Prudhoe Bay AK landscape with the enthusiasm to take on any project size or scope.

Commercial Landscaping AK